Child Abuse FBI Report

More Than 97% of Reported Child Abuse Victims Are NOT Protected!

Child abuse, the worst nightmare for loving parents is a brutal reality for many of our children: In our times, in our culture, in our society, in our country, in our world – and sadly: In our presence!

Please watch the following video for insight to the magnitude of child abuse.
Click to Watch Video Abused children need all the support possible to recover from trauma experienced by the hands of their abusers. 30% of child abusers have experienced abuse on their own bodies during childhood. Child abusers need help with learning how to break the epicycles of violence.

Effects of child abuse are devastating to children. Child abuse includes violence against children, not limited to: Bullying, child neglect, physical abuse of children, strangulation, starvation, indecency with a child, sexual assault, incest, rape victims and murder. Child abuse statistics show most children are sexually and/or physically abused by people they know and trust. This means that parents know and trust these people; possibly married to them. Look at your child, carefully listen to them; do you have the feeling that suddenly something is different, is your child scared, hiding something, not telling the truth? You are not sure what to do next? These actions described could be signs and symptoms of child abuse. We encourage you to educate yourself about these issues by reviewing the FREE video training on this Web site. Click on Training. Learn how to report child abuse, reporting child abuse to authorities might save the life of your child.

Helping children is the goal of Hope for Children Foundation. We are here to provide guidance, support, suggestions, answers and education, helping to find the right path of action for protecting your child and yourself from abusers. Keep in mind that the first lie you hear from your child may be born of pure shame and fear. It is in your power to earn the trust of your child for a lifetime and put an end to their nightmares.

Please help us with our efforts to support abuse victims and continue educating first responders and others in contact with abused children/adults. Full awareness of the immediate needs of crime victims will allow first responders including state and federal law enforcement officers, judges and court personnel to make qualified decisions from the start. Then followed by the “right actions” should bring about better protection for victims. The police training, sheriff training and federal law enforcement training through our FREE video education are available on this site to better protect children and other citizens. We feel it is important to train the general public with training we provide to police since many abusers and their attorneys already know much of this information. It is time for victims, their families, neighbors and the general public to receive this knowledge. United we can take steps to help stop child abuse!

We also provide training on The Violence Against Women Act. These federal laws provide excellent protection for children, women, and men. Cases of Violence against men and violence against the elderly are also included since children maybe in the household. The Hope For Children Foundation FREE video training is intended to benefit crime victims, their protectors and help prevent abuse from continuing. The state and federal law enforcement training provided within the Hope For Children Foundation FREE Video Training showcase different violent crimes committed against children and/or adults, revealing the level of protection received when victims of violent crimes prevail in court.

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