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Washington D.C. – 

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Hope for Children Foundation is a children’s charity.

We intend to help children, their families and you. Save the children by helping to find support for those affected by abuse, it’s a necessary goal. When you make a wish for a child and/or their family, please include the blessing of living an abuse free life.

President Obama_official portrait_Michelle Obama_ Sasha_Malia

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle and their two precious and beautiful daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama. Doing what loving parents normally do…loving their children!

Hope for Children Foundation.

Our goals include helping to strengthen children, families, citizens and communities throughout our nation’s Capital, Washington D.C. You may find more information through our Facebook site. Please make sure you place a “.org” on the back of our name:



Other entities are unlawfully using our name on Facebook.


Those entities are using our name without our permission. Be very careful, you may visit the “wrong” site. Please make sure you visit our correct site by placing the  .org  after our name, /hopeforchildrenfoundation.org

Please contact us should you require additional help or assistance with this site. Please note: Others are unlawfully using our name, without our permission. The entity in New Jersey does not have our permission to use our name, nor does anyone or any other entity.  We have filed in the U.S. Trademark office. You may review the facts for yourself by going to: http://ttabvue.uspto.gov and enter Proceeding Number  92058111  The Tracking Number is: ESTTA704309


The Serial Number of the Trademark request is: 85673965

We filed a cancellation against an entity in order to protect our name. Once this is ruled on by the Trademark Appeals Board, we then should, by all federal and state laws, receive our Trademark name of either, Hope for Children, and/or Hope for Children Foundation. We are the first entity in the United States to use this name continuously since 1997, incorporating April 2, 1998. The United States Department of Treasury authorized Hope for Children Foundation, as a Pubic Charity in 1998, EIN #75-2756638.

Thank you and we wish you the best.

Please find the lists of links below where victims and/or their families of all race, sex, gender, familia, age, disability, and economic standing may obtain information intended to help find assistance and establish an abuse free life.


Washington D.C. Support for Victims and Survivors

Support For Survivors – AllianceofHope.org‎

Support Victims of Crime – victimsofcrime.org‎

Support for Victims – Get Crime Victim Government Aid‎

 Mental Health & Asylum Support – For Survivors of Torture‎


Thank you very much!

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