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What Are Some Key Elements of Successful Games?

Video games have been around for a long time now. Some of these games have story lines fit for any big budget Hollywood movie. Video games have come a long way since  the late 70’s and are one of the most popular forms of entertainment today many intended for children, adults and the entire family. So what makes one game a successful game? Some extremely popular games years ago, most likely wouldn’t catch someone’s attention for more than a few minutes today. Do you want to take a look with us at some examples of successful games in the past to identify the key ingredients that, when added together, create a memorable and appealing experience that can hold up to today’s game market?

Incredible Gameplay

Well, the following may seem contradictory to what you’ve heard in the past. The main story line came first in any game and without a great story you can’t have a great game. This is true for the most part. Gameplay is really neck and neck with story and is just as important for achieving a great game. Sometimes, a hit game can be built entirely on great gameplay without much of a story. For example, the mobile hit game Angry Birds doesn’t really focus on drawing you into the story, but it has incredible gameplay.

Story is important, but it doesn’t always translate to a fun and challenging experience for the player. A game can have an awesome story, but if the gameplay is bad there’d be no reason to play the game. Do you agree so far with us? Games at their core are meant to be interactive with those who are playing the game. This is a great way for a person to immerse themselves in the world. Take a movie for example: the game is not like a movie where you’re just along for the ride. A game gives the player complete control of the action. When the control given to the one playing the game is not fun to play, then you won’t have a great game.


Gameplay Needs to be Solid


Gameplay needs to be solid. This is more important than being complex or simple. It should feel like it’s doing what it’s meant to do, with clear controls and good feedback to the player, resulting in enjoyment.

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